Sale of one Golden Retriever pup
Date of Sale: 
Gender of pup:
Color: AKC requirement: (light) golden
Terms of Pup Purchase:

AKC litter registration is obtained by this breeder for each litter.  All AKC registration applications for pups will be sent to each new pup owner upon breeder receiving proof of spaying or neutering. This confirmation can be easily obtained in the form of a certificate from your licensed veterinarian stating that this pet has been spayed or neutered - no exceptions. AKC papers for pups will be filled out by owner for LIMITED registration only.

SHOW/LIMITED AKC: This puppy is being sold with LIMITED registration only.  It is understood to the buyer and seller that this pup will have the LIMITED AKC registration number/papers, and s/he will NOT have breeding rights.  Therefore, this puppy will be NOT be authorized to register any of its future heirs unless agreed upon in writing and certified by the seller. The seller requires that all pups be spayed or neutered by the age of two if papers are asked for.  Spay/neuter is required in order to recieve AKC LIMITED registration - without exceptions.
RIGHT TO FIRST REFUSAL: The buyer agrees to not place this animal in an animal shelter, animal rescue, and agrees to NOT using this animal for testing in animal research in any way. If the buyer chooses to relinquish this pup, at any time, the seller has right of first refusal.

NOTE TO BUYER of GOOD FAITH: All canines have the potential for genetic or congenital diseases. Due to the nature of the particular disease, unfortunately, the concerns cannot always be eliminated.  It is the job of the breeder, through selective breeding, to try and minimize (not eliminate) these conditions -- in good faith. It is understood by the seller that this pup does not display any congenital or hereditary defects at this time.
CONTAGIOUS ILLNESS:  To the best of the seller's knowledge, this dog has no known disease or illness that would adversely affect this dog's health.  The buyer has 10 days to bring the pup to a licensed veterinarian for well check up and any necessary shots. This pup/dog is guaranteed to be free of contagious health conditions for 10-days, from the date of sale. In order for this guarantee to be valid, this pup must be examined by vet within 72 hours of possession. We do require that ALL new pup owners follow up with vet checks, again, shortly after the receiving /picking up their pups in an effort to assure the welfare of the pup.
      If this pup is found to have a congenital/hereditary illness for up to 1 year, then a letter from a licensed vet stating so must be presented to the seller within the 10-day period. If the case of illness or health condition does arise, the puppy will be returned to seller within the 10-day period and a refund for the sale price for the pup would be given to the buyer at that time, thus ending this contract entirely. This refund does NOT include ANY expenses incurred to the buyer or by the buyer's veterinarian, legal fee, or etc.

      HIPS HEART AND EYES: All pups have a health guarantee for 1 year.  There are no murmurs present since birth.  Eyes will be void of genetic defect.  Golden retriever fall under the category medium/large breed dogs.  Unfortunately, all medium to large breed dogs tend to run a higher risk of certain structural disorders, such as dysplasia do to hereditary and environmental conditions.  Again, despite a breeders best efforts, while the risk of these conditions may be greatly reduced, they cannot be always eliminated.  This pup is guaranteed for one (1) year against any hip/elbow dysplasia (moderate or greater), or affecting hereditary condition.  If the pup should exhibit these above mentioned conditions, prior to his or her first birth year date, the buyer may get to a replacement pup of equal value, following the return of the pup to the seller. Under no circumstances is the seller to be held liable for all/any veterinarian or other expenses incurred by the buyer.

VOIDING OF CONTRACT will occur if....
  1] We are strongly opposed to the use of ANY monthly tick and flea spot on pesticides applications (e.i. frontline, advantix - they are pesticide spot on or pills applications) There are many forms of pesticide products that can cause health issues, cancers, lymphomas or death for your pets such as flea/tick: collars, powder, spot on application, monthly flea/tick tablet.  There are many reported cases known to cause diarrhea, vomiting seizures and even death. Spot applications are a common flea preventative for dog owners, which is prescribed by a veterinarian. However, there are many health problems associated with their use that pet owners should be aware. One of the active ingredient in the spot applications is an insecticide called fipronil, which can cause adverse reactions in many dogs. Some dogs are extremely susceptible to the toxins. Over long term use, many dogs suffer some health reactions.  The reactions tend to mild for some dogs but, in extreme cases. It has led to increased investigations and scrutiny of spot-on flea treatment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read more: The use of these products is dangerous to the health and life of your pup/dog. Just as you wouldn't feed your child a pesticide, please don't feed your dog one either. 

Yes, fleas can cause numerous health concerns for your dog so managing fleas is a concern.  There are many alternative natural protections to use.   Non-pesticide products, will be just as effective and are safe to use on your pup.  WE DO NOT recommend flea pesticides but we DO recommend that your pup receive a lyme tick vaccine yearly, especially if you live in a heavy populated lyme tick area.

Warning links of pesticide risk:
~~~~ Alternatives to pesticides:  
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     b ]

2] ...if the buyer allows this dog to become obese, at any time. Recent research does contend that obesity can greatly contribute, if not the causer, of hip and joint problems, diabetes and other illnesses.  Although these disorders tend to be hereditary, poor diet, over feeding, or improper exercising of a pup is a known contributor to these disorders.  It is imperative that you understand the dog digestion and the need to feed him/her high end dog foods to help eliminate many problems caused by poor diet.
3] ...if there are any signs of neglect or abuse to this dog. No de-barking a dog under any circumstances. 
4] ...if injuries occurred while under care of new owner (seller), such as broken bone, trauma, etc.
5] ...if the buyer does not follow through with shot requirements/regime and vet visits in timely fashion.
6] ... if there is any evidence of serious exercising such as tread mill or track running.  While the seller DOES want this dog to play SENSIBLY, it is required to be in reasonable manner, as not to do serious damage to joints and bones through excessive exercise. Running in the beach sand and in the snow is extremely strenuous on pups and young dogs joints under the age of two.
7] Table scraps are greatly appreciated by your pup, BUT they are NOT appropriate, encouraged, nor permitted for this animal because of overloading fat or toxic food or flavoring . However, a home cooked meal of chicken rice and certain veggies is allowed/recommended for your pup. Dogs are carnivores - so meat is what you should be adding to his/her diet. 
AGREEMENT BETWEEN PARTIES:  All parties agree by signature to follow the above terms of this agreement.  This contract contains the entire agreement between parties. Any changes to this contract must be binding through signature only, and not on verbal agreement.  Verbal changes will NOT be considered legal or binding to this buyer or seller.
NO legal fees shall be incurred to the seller or the buyer, other than those already listed or stated in this contract.   
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